Exvangelical Meditation: Hell Theology is Child Abuse

Here is today’s brief reminder that Hell Theology is child abuse, and I am doing what I can to be a part of the change that will make it reportable to children’s services. 

To those of you who have experienced the psychological trauma of Hell Theology: There is help and resources, and the anxiety you have felt about burning in Hell is not your fault nor a result of your “doubts.” It is a trauma response to psychological abuse from being told from a young age that you are going to burn in Hell forever unless you choose to believe a very specific version of one specific culture’s one specific form of a religion. What child wouldn’t experience trauma from this abuse? You are not alone.

To those for whom it is not safe to ask questions or express your anxiety and doubt out loud: We see you, we love you, we’re waiting for you, and we are not going anywhere. You’re stronger than you know, and you have so much more value than the lies you’ve been told have made you feel.

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