Exvangelical Meditation: How Our Bodies Carry Our History

As someone working through my own religious trauma, I have come to both comprehend and try to own the fact that both our bodies and our souls carry our history, often in ways we do not expect. Working through my trauma is therefore a lifelong process in which I am learning how to pay attention to the way my internal responds to the external. It requires learning how to listen to my own body. And that takes time, courage, grace, and patience as I learn how to be kind to myself and my own needs. 

Healing from trauma is a process in which you must set your own pace. It isn’t a straight line, and there are ebbs and flows to it. Some days, trauma responses seem more potent than on other days, and it is okay to work on yourself as you are comfortable doing so. No day has to be the same. Give yourself time and space to work through things. It requires trial and error, knowing when to go easy on yourself, being kind and empathetic towards yourself when you make mistakes, trying out different forms of self care, and finding a healthy support system. You can’t get in a hurry. If you need to slow down to take a break or process, that is okay. 

Reminder: I am here to offer you any support you may need if you are working through religious abuse in any way it may have manifested in your life. Don’t compare your experience to others in order to downplay your own journey– we are ALL going through this, and I’m here to listen.

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